Globalization and internationalization of the economy mean opportunities to work, live, study and do business abroad. However, for each opportunity, a new challenge emerges. The purpose of this website is to help to embrace new global opportunities and assist in every step of your international project.

Help and support to work study and do business abroad

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Tools and programs for preparing project abroad: foreign languages and cultural coaching, consulting to develop business abroad, developing network overseas

Finding opportunities to study or work abroad: international higher education programs, overseas work, and internship opportunities

Resources to move abroad: documentation of countries, practical information, legal and regulatory requirements

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Help in foreign languages and culture:  foreign languages to international staff, support material

Assist businesses and organizations abroad: preparation of a foreign market business plan, translation & localization services, web marketing for a foreign audience

Sell products and services to assist the international community: international travel or health insurance, housing services, transportation assistance

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