Business & Economics in Foreign Languages

Foreign languages for business

Foreign LanguagesLiving and traveling abroad means communicating in a different language. Although English is widely used all over the world, being able to communicate in a foreign language and understand the local business culture is essential to succeed in your overseas project.

Online business foreign language courses focus on helping you developing communication skills, understand business issues in the targeted market, comprehend local cultures and traditions. services offer live classes with a native business experienced teacher,  asynchronous lessons available for download to practice at your convenience, and materials to help to review, practice, and develop an understanding of business culture.

 English – French – Spanish – Italian 


Webinars in business and economics issues

The understanding of the global business issue is fundamental in nowadays world. Business and economics courses modules focus on helping to access current business information, analyze data, comprehend complex economic interaction between various institutions, enterprises, and organizations.

Analyzing business data – Understanding macroeconomics differences in  North America and Europe – Addressing International Business Issues – Business English for Entrepreneurs


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