Online Foreign languages for business

Foreign Languages

Online tutorials focus on the understanding of business and professional issues in foreign languages.  For all levels, materials, and activities focus on helping you to develop communication, understand core issues, learn business environments in different countries. From language review material to country and business cases, the tutorials are organized to facilitate the transition to a working fluency level.

Tutorials and lessons provide activities to help you communicate with your foreign co-workers, develop communication and presentation skills, understand cultural differences, learn business cases in various foreign markets, develop international marketing plans.

Modules are easily accessible from a computer or mobile device and organized to facilitate learning and practice. At any stage of the acquisition process, personalized support is available from an experienced business and language trainer.

Webinars in Business & Economics

Live webinars focus on interaction and discussion about real business cases or situations.  Participants elaborate a business analysis and strategy in a foreign language and exchange action plans within the local market constraints.

Webinars are facilitated by foreign language and business experienced coaches. Each session is limited to 3 participants and is offered as part of a program of 5 webinars through a 2 month period.

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