About AI Gitano

Empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to thrive in the dynamic intersection of AI, Economics, and Business Intelligence

Meet  Evelyne S-C, founder and manager of gitano.org


Evelyne, with a rich background in economics, has forged a dynamic career spanning teaching, research, web development, and digital consulting across North America and Europe. Her expertise has benefited diverse organizations, including startups, non-profits, international agencies, and multinational corporations. Throughout her educational journey and professional experiences, she has consistently embraced the pursuit of new skills and knowledge as catalysts for personal and professional advancement.

In the era of technological expansion, particularly with the advent of AI, Evelyne is proactively expanding research and projects for enhancing her skill set to master emerging AI technologies and strategically integrating them into business intelligence practices. Gitano.org serves as a repository of the resources, research, and tools she encounters during this transformative journey.

Gitano Partners

Gitano.org is a collaborative project in which any individual, organization, group can participate as a service provider, content producer, trainer, consultant to answer the growing request from a large and diversity members community base. 

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