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Review of principles of free market economy

Renato Moicano, UFC has made the buzz on social media for his powerful comments on the Free market economy and how 6 lessons changed his perspective on money inflation and politics.

The text he is refering to is an introduction to a series of lectures by Professor Ludwig von Mises, a prominent 20th-century economist. The ideal economic policy, according to Mises, is one where the government’s role is limited to protecting lives and property, settling disputes, and allowing people to pursue their goals freely. This approach contrasts with the interventionist policies prevalent today, where governments are often asked to regulate various aspects of the economy.
Mises delivered these lectures in Argentina in 1959, speaking in non-technical terms to an audience of business professionals, professors, teachers, and students. He discussed various economic principles and historical truths, analyzed the failures of socialism and the welfare state, and highlighted the achievements possible under capitalism when individuals are free to determine their destinies.
Mises emphasized that when governments protect individual rights and allow people to cooperate and trade freely, capitalism will develop naturally. He cited the economic improvements of the 18th and 19th centuries and Germany’s post-World War II “economic miracle” as examples of the success of capitalism.

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