Prompt for research and business

Research Assistance

  1. Compile a list of recent studies and publications on renewable energy advancements.
  2. I need an annotated bibliography on the topic of artificial intelligence in healthcare.
  3. Create a summary of key findings from research on the impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior.
  4. Develop a research proposal outline focusing on sustainable urban development.
  5. I need a comparative analysis of various theories in developmental psychology.
  6. Generate a list of potential interview questions for my qualitative research on remote working.
  7. Create a database of sources for a literature review on climate change policies.
  8. Draft a methodology section for a study on bilingual education’s effects on cognitive development.
  9. I need a guide on ethical considerations when conducting research involving human subjects.
  10. Summarize the current debates and gaps in research on nutrition and mental health.
  11. Develop a plan for a cross-cultural study on the perception of social media.
  12. Create a list of key terms and definitions for a research paper on blockchain technology.
  13. I need an overview of statistical methods commonly used in epidemiological research.
  14. Draft a survey for collecting data on consumer preferences in the fashion industry.
  15. Generate a template for organizing and categorizing research notes effectively.

Data Analysis and Visualization

  1. Create a guide for performing regression analysis in a business context.
  2. I need a tutorial on using Python for data cleaning and preparation.
  3. Develop a step-by-step process for creating interactive dashboards in Tableau.
  4. Create a list of best practices for ensuring data accuracy and integrity.
  5. I need a comparison of different machine learning algorithms for data prediction.
  6. Generate a plan for analyzing large datasets using SQL queries.
  7. Create a template for a report summarizing statistical data findings.
  8. I need a guide for visualizing complex data in a user-friendly manner.
  9. Develop a checklist for identifying and handling outliers in data sets.
  10. I need a method for conducting time-series analysis in a financial context.
  11. Create a tutorial for using Excel for advanced data manipulation techniques.
  12. I need a framework for hypothesis testing in marketing research.
  13. Generate a guide for using R for biomedical data analysis.
  14. Create a series of graphs and charts for presenting demographic data.
  15. I need a strategy for effectively communicating data analysis results to non-technical stakeholders.

Financial Analysts

  1. Draft a step-by-step guide for conducting a financial health assessment of a company.
  2. Create a checklist for identifying key financial ratios and their implications for investment decisions.
  3. Develop a template for a quarterly financial performance report for a publicly traded company.
  4. I need a system for analyzing stock market trends using moving averages and other technical indicators.
  5. Create a guide on conducting risk assessments for various investment portfolios.
  6. Draft an analysis comparing the financial performance of the top five companies in the technology sector.
  7. Develop a model for projecting future earnings of a company based on historical financial data.
  8. I need a tutorial on using Excel for advanced financial modeling, including scenario analysis.
  9. Create a guide for interpreting balance sheets and income statements for non-finance professionals.
  10. Draft a methodology for valuing startup companies for potential venture capital investment.
  11. Develop a step-by-step process for credit risk analysis in corporate lending.
  12. I need an overview of the latest financial regulations affecting our industry and how to comply.
  13. Create a report analyzing the impact of macroeconomic factors on the foreign exchange market.
  14. Draft a plan for a workshop on portfolio management strategies for high-net-worth individuals.
  15. Develop a comprehensive guide on bond valuation and yield curve analysis.
  16. I need a system for tracking and analyzing commodity prices and their impact on related stocks.
  17. Create a checklist for performing due diligence on mergers and acquisitions.
  18. Draft an analysis of the financial implications of a new government policy on the automotive industry.
  19. Develop a guide for using financial data to forecast industry trends.
  20. I need a strategy for effectively communicating complex financial information to stakeholders.

Prompts for Entrepreneurs

  1. Draft a business plan for a start-up focusing on sustainable fashion.
  2. Create a market analysis report for a new health tech app.
  3. Generate a list of potential funding sources for a clean energy project.
  4. Develop a marketing strategy for launching an online education platform.
  5. I need a comprehensive guide for scaling a small business.
  6. Create a roadmap for developing and launching a new software tool.
  7. Draft a social media marketing plan for a food delivery service.
  8. Generate ideas for a subscription-based model for a fitness app.
  9. Develop a customer feedback system for a new e-commerce website.
  10. I need a plan for building a strong company culture in a remote team.
  11. Create a strategy for networking and building partnerships in the tech industry.
  12. Draft a guide for effective time management and prioritization as an entrepreneur.
  13. Generate a list of unique value propositions for a pet care service.
  14. Develop a plan for international expansion of a successful local business.
  15. I need a template for tracking and analyzing business performance metrics.
  16. Create a guide for navigating legal and tax considerations in a start-up.
  17. Draft a plan for managing and retaining talent in a growing business.
  18. Generate ideas for innovative customer loyalty programs.
  19. Develop a crisis management strategy for small businesses.
  20. I need strategies for maintaining personal wellbeing while managing a start-up.
  21. Create a pitch deck for investors for a new environmentally friendly product.
  22. Draft a plan for implementing eco-friendly practices in business operations.
  23. Generate a list of potential partnerships and collaborations for a wellness brand.
  24. Develop a guide for balancing risk and innovation in business decision-making.
  25. I need a strategy for leveraging social media influencers to boost brand visibility.

Prompts for Excel

  1. Design an Excel formula to automatically calculate quarterly sales growth percentages.
  2. Create a pivot table guide for analyzing yearly customer feedback data in Excel.
  3. Develop a budget tracking spreadsheet for a small business, including visual expense graphs.
  4. I need a method for using Excel to forecast inventory requirements based on historical sales data.
  5. Draft instructions for creating an employee attendance tracker with automated summary statistics.
  6. Generate a step-by-step guide for setting up conditional formatting rules to highlight key data points.
  7. Create an Excel-based system for tracking project deadlines and milestones.
  8. Draft a template for a financial plan in Excel, suitable for personal or small business use.
  9. Develop a guide for using Excel macros to automate repetitive tasks.
  10. I need a dynamic Excel dashboard for visualizing real-time marketing campaign performance.
  11. Create an Excel template for a weekly meal planner and grocery list, including nutritional calculations.
  12. Design a system in Excel for managing and analyzing customer relationship data.
  13. Draft a comprehensive guide for using Excel’s data validation tools to ensure data integrity.
  14. Create an Excel workbook for analyzing and comparing different investment portfolios.
  15. Develop a method for using Excel to calculate and analyze employee performance metrics.
  16. Draft a tutorial on creating complex financial models in Excel for business valuation.
  17. Create a step-by-step guide for integrating Excel with external APIs to pull in real-time data.
  18. I need a template for a real estate investment analysis in Excel, including ROI and cash flow projections.
  19. Develop an Excel system for tracking and analyzing website traffic data.
  20. Draft instructions for creating a multi-level drop-down list in Excel for survey data categorization.

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